Created and run by industry professionals, WIC is a fully accredited college providing vocational courses in Commercial Cookery, Hospitality and Horticulture. Our focus is on providing a practical hands-on learning experience through courses taught by industry professionals who bring real-world experience into the classroom. Our students have access to a team of trainers with professional experience in some of the largest industry-leading hospitality and horticultural companies, a welcoming student services team and a range of professional development opportunities through work placements.

With our main campus in Adelaide CBD, students can gain nationally recognised qualifications whilst taking advantage of our low cost of living and high demand for qualified labour. Students are well catered for with our experienced training personal and tailored curriculum and the training facilities provided. Wakefield International College has freshly renovated and newly fitted-out facilities. This includes

  • Spacious bright and updated training rooms
  • Well-resourced computer lab for students to train and complete work
  • Student lounge and self-study rooms to catch up with new friends and complete group assignments.
  • Students are able to use onsite and offsite libraries and resources for their work.
  • Newly renovated commercial kitchen facilities that are central and in the heart of our progressive food industry.
  • Extensive nursery facilities with additional activity will extend the student experience and local networks.

WIC supports integration into the workforce by providing students with strong business connections, practical and frequent visits to industry-leading businesses, introduction to relevant government departments and extended study opportunities. With these additional links above the standard curriculum, WIC is becoming a well regarded institution for career advancement, relevant skills development and a ready-to-work stance. We are committed to our student’s learning experience and help them achieve their learning goals and aspirations. We do this by:

  • Adopting policies and management practices of high professional standards in the delivery of training and which safeguard the interests and welfare of the students;
  • Promoting a learning environment that is conducive to the learning of the students;
  • Continually monitoring and assessing the performance and progress of the students;
  • Ensuring that the training fraternity holds relevant qualifications for training and assessment in their respective fields of study and keeping industry currency;
  • Supplying accurate, relevant and up-to-date information to prospective students before enrolment;
  • Recruiting students ethically and responsibly;
  • Ensuring that the educational background of prospective students is assessed by suitably qualified staff;
  • Providing flexible payment plans to students in financial hardship.

With both academic and soft skills being integrated into all learning aspects, we help each student in realising and achieving their true potential.

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